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Authority Marketing - InnoVitae - Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small BusinessesInnoVitae – Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Authority Marketing


We position you the client, as the Market Authority for your specialty in your market place by implementing a series of processes which have been developed and fine-tuned over 5+ years. Simultaneously, we send traffic to your site from our work on your behalf in SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising (Facebook+Twitter+Google). With the credibility your new market Authority brings, the traffic will convert more readily and your revenues will increase.

Our Authority marketing involves getting your expert opinion infused with important and trending US topics occurring on National News and Media sites. When journalists and your prospects search these topics you are now apart of, your voice is now on the national stage, being represented on news sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and othter high authority and traffic sites. Over the years we have established relationships with 2,000+ press and news media outlets.

Once you are part of the national conversation, we take all these references and distribute them to 3,000+ social media accounts. Once this is in place, then we contact your local papers / radio / TV, and them a brief overview and intro video we have produced for you using our spokesman for your company. We cannot guarantee to be picked up by your local media, however, we will do eveything we can to position you and the national story you are now apart of in the most favorable and professional manner.

Depending upon your budget, we will be completing this process 1 to 4 times each month. Each one of these distributions will get you and your company onto 5,000+ web and social media sites. As this process is underway, we are blogging, SEO’ing, syndicating other content, and working the social media channels for your business.

Joseph Conroy, the president and CEO of InnoVitae is a nationally recognized SEO expert and CNN Contributor

Joseph Conroy has outranked some of the biggest SEO firms in the world for some of the most valuable and sought after keywords. Joe’s rankings got the attention of YouTube last summer and they contacted HIM to find out how he did it.

Joe is #1 on the page one of Google for “Best SEO Video” . This search phrase has over 168,000,000 search results. And he holds positions # 4 & # 6 on Google for “Quick Google Rankings With SEO” . Joe has thousands of keywords and videos on page one, totaling over 18 Billion search results. Watch this video where Joe shows how he ranks one video on the first page of Google with search results exceeding 8 Billion.

So with InnoVitae, you are going to get World Class syndication, rankings and leads for your business.

We do provide telephone referrals upon request. Call now 207-809-9075.

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