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Case Studies - InnoVitae - Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small BusinessesInnoVitae – Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Case Studies

InnoVitae Case Study 8 Month SEO Performance Review: $ 200k to $ 1.45MM SEO Traffic Value


8 Month SEO Performance Summary:

  1. The SEO program increased the organic SEO traffic value from $ 200,000 to $ 1,450,000 / year.
  2. SEO Traffic Value ($) is Outperforming Accellion & Syncplicity’s by 32 and 16% respectively (Source –SEMRush.com)
  3. In RAW Lead Data Test: Organic Traffic Produced 15,700% More Leads than Social 2,450% More Leads than AdWords, 345% More Leads Than Referral Traffic (Source –Lead Forensics)
  4. 3 Month R.O.I Average for SEO program is 1,196%


InnoVitae Case Study Clustered Neural Network Analysis – SEO Best Practices


In this video Joe Conroy presents the results of a designed experiment using artificial neural networks for ranking competitive keywords on Google.

Summary Overview:

1-How Clustered Neural Nets Are Much Better Than Multi-Input / Single Output Neural Nets for Organic Rankings
2-Ranking Improvement Overview
3-Impact on Organic Traffic
4-How Clustered NN’s Work With Other SEO Programs to Produce Excellent Results
5-How You Can Imitate a Neural Network System For Your Own SEO Program


InnoVitae Case Study Press Release Traffic Data Analysis – Part I


Joe Conroy of InnoVitae, using Google Analytics walks the viewer through the data showing how the press release and associated social media campaign doubled the website traffic for a 4 day period and provided 8,000+ indexed references on Google search.


InnoVitae Case Study Press Release Traffic Data Analysis – Part II


In part II, Joe dives a little deeper and  explores the Google Analytics’ “Behavior Flow” while the viewer learns more about what the press release and social media visitors viewed for webpages once on the site. With Behavior flow analytics, the Marketing Team is able to identify the top visited webpages and develop a content generation and social media strategy around it.


InnoVitae Case StudyWebsite Conversion Optimization Overview & Recommendations


In this video Joe Conroy reviews the improvement in the traffic volume from the in place SEO program.  And next he provides recommendations on how to further capture more leads, beyond the already in place call-to-actions on the landing pages.


InnoVitae Case Study InnoVitae Guest Post Anatomy   SEO Best Practices


In this video Joe Conroy shows the viewer how to properly construct a guest post for maximum SEO benefit. Here is investigates the title construction, keyword selection, keyword distribution, and linking.


InnoVitae Case Study InnoVitae Competitive Website Analysis


In this video Joe first looks at the keywords and Google AdWords ads in the file sharing industry. Then he looks at 5 competitors’ websites in this industry and offers critiques and suggestions on each website. Here he analyzes the design, layout, navigation, and calls to actions. Based on this analysis, there are recommendations on the conversion optimization for websites in this market segment.


InnoVitae Case Study Axcess Financial SEO Analysis and Recommendations- SEO Manager – SEO Director – Part I


In this video Joe Conroy provides a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing analysis and recommendations for an online business in the “Pay Day Loan” market space. On this video you get to learn how Joe Conroy begins his SEO analysis for a website in one of the most competitive market spaces online.


InnoVitae Case Study Axcess Financial SEO Analysis and Recommendations- SEO Manager – SEO Director – Part II


This is the 2nd video in the 3 part series where I show how I approach the payday loan industry from an SEO perspective. In this video I manually look at the top 5 organic listings on Google for the keyword “payday loan, online payday loans, and cash advance.” These three keywords have an annual SEOV of approximately $56 million.


InnoVitae Case Study Axcess Financial SEO Analysis and Recommendations- SEO Manager – SEO Director – Part III

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q72nYCZFapk&list=UUSbYa5yfsnbIp4KLyQ-SCIg (June 2014)

In the 3rd and final video, in the Payday Loan SEO series, I dig deep into the advanced link building strategies that are needed in order to take on a market where just 3 keywords (payday loans, payday loans online, cash advance) have an annual SEOV of $56 million.


InnoVitae Case StudyVideo SEO Case Study | One Video | 30+ First Page Listings | 9 Billion + Total Search Results

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gy8xI6J7qU  (June 2013) {Note: Some Rankings Have Dropped Over 2 Years.}

In this video I go over the some of the best video seo in order to get top YouTube SEO and Google rankings.

The goals of this video case study were to:

1-Get a YouTube video to rank on the first page of Google for high volume, and highly competitive keywords.

2-Determine how many page 1 listings can be achieved with one video.


InnoVitae Case StudySEO Performance Overview | Top 10 of Google for 10+ Keywords | 11,000+ Exact Match Searches | $ 3.47 Average C.P.C. | in 2 Months! (May 2013)


In this video I share with the viewer how InnoVitae was able to get a new client’s (ICS Coatings) core keywords onto the first page of Google within a 2 month period. These keywords are considered medium to high competition by Google, have an average CPC of $ 3.43, and an exact match monthly search volume of about 11,000 combined.


InnoVitae Case StudyLaw Firm SEO Case Study – How InnoVitae Increased a Law Firm’s Video Market Exposure From 8% to 94% in 48-Hours (December 2012)


This video shows you the lawyer seo results you can achieve by; (a) producing a high quality video, (b) video seo, and (c) social media optimization. The highlighted video in the lawyer seo video, literally took over the personal injury video market for 15 towns in Rhode Island and Massachusetts with 48-hours.


InnoVitae Case StudyCase Study – How to Out Rank 16,000+ Videos and Be The Only Video On Page One of Google in 48 Hours


This case study shows the viewer how 2 simple videos are ranked, and EXCLUSIVELY listed on Google page 1 for a number of high value and high traffic keywords within 48 hours; ahead of 16,000+ other search related videos.


InnoVitae Case StudySocial Media Optimization Case Study- Hurricane Sandy


This video demonstrates how to harness the power of social media for an upcoming event and get onto page one of Google even when competing against other websites which have a pagerank of up to 8.

This Hurricane Sandy Case study shows how a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor used Innovitae’s Acceleron Marketing System to get on the front page of Google for a number of keyword phrases regarding “Hurricane Sandy Storm Track”, and outranked other authority sites such as FoxNews and Weather.com.


InnoVitae Case StudySocial Media Optimization Case Study – Page 1, Top 10 Ranking Under 9 Hours


This case study tests out the Search Metrics 2012 ranking factor report which was published on June 7, 2012. In summary, the analysis showed that social media, especially FaceBook, is now the most predominant ranking factor for webpages and websites.

The video begins with this analysis and then takes the viewer through:

1-The webpage element construction of balancing SEO and web visitor goals.

2-FaceBook social media response to new webpage.

3-Interrelationship between social media response and website traffic.

4-How the preceding 3 items above demonstrated to Google that this web page should rank on page 1, top 10, for all of the 4 targeted keywords which have a CPC range of $ 8 to $ 13. within 9 hours of being published.

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