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Meet the Team - InnoVitae - Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small BusinessesInnoVitae – Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Meet the Team

InnoVitae’s Team is comprised of many professionals focused on providing you exceptional value in the most convenient manner. The team leader for InnoVitae is Joseph Conroy. Joe has worked in many industries from medical, industrial, construction, finance, high tech, and software to name a few. His clients average tenure is over 2 years, which is about 300% above the industry average for this market.


Joe has an extensive background and industry leading results is many areas of online marketing and SEO. Joe has been optimizing systems and marketing online since mid 1990’s. Over this time he has developed many proprietary processes and co-developed a number of technologies which have helped InnoVitae’s clients achieve better results, in less time, and usually at a lower cost.

Joe also has 3 high tech startups to his credit. All three involved (a) software, (b) optimization of a system, and (c) marketing over the internet. Two of his businesses were quite successful, while one as Joe like to say; “Was a big learning experience.”

One of his companies EnvaPower, used Artificial Neural Networks (ANN’s) to optimize the New England Power Grid system. EnvaPower later evolved into providing electricity price forecasts for the participants on NYMEX.

Today Joe’s focus has transformed into the optimization of “Conversion”.

A few years back Joe started realizing there was something missing. He was producing excellent SEO rankings, paid advertising, and great website designs, yet for some clients, the sales were not rising as fast with the increased traffic.

After some thought and research, he realized the missing decision factor was credibility. He started with implementing press releases, tested out pod casts, experimented with radio, and a few other means. After much testing, which included consideration of client participation requirements, Joe settled on “Authority Marketing Positioning”.

Joe, with the consultation and assistance of a Huffington Post and Forbes contributor, have produced a system and process whereby his clients can clearly demonstrate on a national and local stage, they are in fact the authorities in their respective market places. Please click here for more.

Now with the increased traffic from SEO, Social, Paid, and Referral sources; the conversion rate keeps pace, or exceeds the traffic rate. Joe works with the following pro’s in their discipline in order to provide you a single source of exceptional results.

Additional InnoVitae Team Members

All of InnoVitae’s team members are focused on one task; delivering exceptional value to our customers every day. Joe is the customer liaison who interfaces with our clients on a regular basis.

Kat- Web & Graphic Design

Kat is a 20-year veteran of graphic and web design. She has been with InnoVitae for 4 years now and coordinates all design and media publishing.

Josh- SEO & Link Building

Josh is a 7-year SEO expert who also owns his hosting business. After reviewing over 10 other SEO experts, Joe chose Josh and they have worked very well together. Joe says of Josh; “I learn something from Josh almost every week. He is really impressive.”

Ana- Press Releases

Has been in the PR business and writing press releases for many years. Her college background is journalism and her writing skills really provide InnoVitae’s clients with the correct voice and positioning. We can always count on Ana to make a great press release from scribbled notes at the last minute.

Alecs- Copywriting & Blogging

Alecs is a word smith extraordinaire. She is able to understand an unfamiliar industry or market within minutes, and then write about as if she grew up in it. She has an amazing talent to understand goals of the content and to meld it with industry nuances which shows she knows the topic.

Natasha- Blog Commenting

Natasha, is quiet, but she gets a lot of work completed fast. We give her the info, and she goes about her business. She is very good at making blog comments which are very relevant to the post and the client’s product / service.

Kait – Social Media

Kait is the opposite of Natasha! She is everywhere, all the time, buzzing about. She handles all of our social media content and management on behalf of our clients. She also, works with Joe on the Authority Marketing.

Sebastian- Video Production / Spokes Person

Sebastian is our Scottish team member who produces and is the spokesman for our videos. He is a true professional and somewhat of a perfectionist. Our customers are always commenting (positively) on the quality of his work.

Please come back as we are expanding and hiring constantly.

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