Facebook Marketing – Content Generation – Engagement

Facebook Marketing – Content Generation – Engagement

By employing InnoVitae’s Facebook marketing strategies, we have delivered the following results.

1-Email Opt-Ins for $ 0.65 (lowest)
2-Video Views for $ 0.0056 / view
3-Conversions for $ 1.12
4-List Building Via Video Views for $ 0.00458

InnoVitae’s multi-dimensional and comprehensive marketing and engagement programs for its clients on Facebook. Our engagement process provides content selection, curation and posting up to 3 times each day. This program has increased likes by 200+, and 1,200+ post engagements in a single week for a SMALL business.

We use our videos we produce for you to drive engagement, likes, opt-ins and sales. Here we have 4 types of videos we produce, which includes one for viral video sweepstakes applications which occur in the news feed of Facebook on mobile devices.

In addition, we have used Facebook for Business-to-Business (B2B) applications. Here we have built custom Facebook audiences using existing email address, and Linked-In connections. We then developed white papers, and videos to drive engagement, authority positioning, and conversions. We have also had some good results applying this to Twitter.