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YouTube Marketing - InnoVitae - Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small BusinessesInnoVitae – Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small Businesses

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

As part of our standard service we produce a professional quality videos with voice over, scrolling features, unique phone number, and calls to action.

We then optimize the video for YouTube and other media locations. If you do not have a YouTube channel, we will setup and design one for you.

YouTube is now the #3 website in the world and has its own search engine for many products and services, including the automotive industry. If you do not have a presence on YouTube, you are missing out on a significant market opportunity.

YouTube has over 192,000,000 million visitors to its website each month from the US. And, there are currently over 17,000 Toyota Camry’s for sale on YouTube. How many more units / month could you move if all your cars were on YouTube, all professionally produced with voice over, music, calls to action, etc.?

And, what if all these vehicles are now in the top 10 of Google too? If you are a dealership with 400 cars on the lot, you now have 400 YouTube video listings, and 400 first page Google listings. You now have 800 listings which you didn’t before listed on the #1 and #3 websites in the world.

With these 800 listings on the #1 and #3 websites, how many more units could you move each month?

All InnoVitae customers will receive a premium YouTube / Google SEO service by InnoVitae’s president Joseph Conroy.

Joe is a nationally recognized and sought after video SEO expert. Last summer a division of YouTube contacted Joe and asked him to consult with them! Here are a few of the ranking samples Joe currently has which exceed 8 billion searches in total! Joe has accomplished this with only 2 videos!

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