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About Us - InnoVitae - Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small BusinessesInnoVitae – Online Marketing & Lead Generation for Small Businesses

About Us

Joseph-P-Conroy-Jr-2-Authority-2Joseph Conroy is a 15-yr. nationally recognized SEO & Video marketing expert, CNN Contributor, and National Media Authority Positioning Specialist, serving U.S. business owners. He has meticulously and pain-stakingly assembled a team of experts in their field of  expertise to provide InnoVitae’s clients with unparalleled results utilizing the power of their 11  compounding marketing processes.

As our client, will be positioned as a “Thought Leader” and “Market Authority” in your industry via; (a) Authority Marketing News Releases, (b) Press Releases, (c) Organic SEO Traffic, (d) Paid Traffic, (e) Blogging, (f) Video Marketing, and (g) Social Media Marketing.

Joe has co-developed or provided design guidance on a number of analytical, optimization, syndication, and social media technology, which enables us to extract and analyze data better than your competitor, and then implement this market intelligence into systems and processes which gives you a significant competitive advantage. Some of our processes use proprietary artificial neural networks (ANN’s).

We have been developing these processes and technologies for 7+ years. Our client ROI range is 17 to 3,400%, with an average of 328%. The average tenure of my clients is currently 2.46 years.

We have consulted for Fortune 50 companies and small local businesses. All of our client relationships begin with; “Please share your online vision for where you would like to be in 12-18 months, and then tell me why you are not there now.” I listen, analyze, formulate, and then go to work for you.

Recent Performance Results: 

  • Improved sales for a home improvement company by 47%.
  • Improved lead generation of an Oil and Gas financial company by 985%.
  • Increase lead generation for a SaaS software company by 1,196%.
  • Increased electrical aggregator client acquisition by 1,700%.
  • Increased lead generation for an industrial company by 675%.
  • SEO program increased the organic SEO traffic value from $ 200,000 to $ 1,450,000 / year.
  • 3 Month SEO R.O.I Average of 1,081%

Please watch the video case studies below or call Joe direct at 617-903-0864 or jconroy@innovitae.net and let’s see what we can do to make your business vision a reality.

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