Vivek Asija 1

Vivek Asija

VP Product Marketing/ValiMail

Led product marketing, branding, and marketing communications for high-growth security startup. Developed product marketing function and established Valimail’s brand identity as the company journeyed through Series B and grew to over 70 employees.

Product marketing and sales enablement efforts grew ARR 8x. Generated a 12% conversion rate for web leads (demo scheduled), and added ~1,000 MQLs as Valimail spokesperson at events and webinars. Acquired over 100 mid-market and enterprise customers.

…It was a pleasure to work with Joe and his team. The SEO results were so incredible I called in a 3rd party expert to review and verify. Needless to say Joe was one of my first calls when I moved to my next gig at DayTwo.**

*Vivek was a referral from Mandeep Khera.
**DayTwo is now a client of InnoVitae/Joe Conroy.